8 Impressive Benefits of Kratom Leaves

Kratom is a plant found in the tropical setting of south-east Asia and most popular in Thailand and Indonesia. Legend has it that this plant of the coffee family has been in their culture since the dawn of time and trained professionals known as kratom masters are in charge of prescribing the correct concentration and strains of the herb. The authenticity and science behind its medicinal values is under constant debate, but it has gained popularity in the western world. The original inhabitants, mostly farmers and fishermen, say that kratom has been used passed on to families from their ancestors. Here are eight benefits of kratom that you must know about.

Kratom boosts energy levels

Kratom leaves are known to provide energy when ingested in mild doses. The white vein kratom is the only strain which carries this medicinal property. The people of south-east Asia have been using kratom to decrease fatigue and rejuvenate energy for centuries. The farming community and the labour class would often chew kratom leaves to gain strength which would help enhance their vitality. This tradition has been passed on to the new generations, and it has become popular among the world. The fishing communities in the islands of the region have also been using kratom to sustain themselves longer in harsh conditions.

Kratom Leaves Veins

Kratom is used as a palliative measure

One of the most popular uses of kratom is in the form of a pain-killing herb. The liquid extract from the leaves of this plant contains two different kinds of alkaloids, namely 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine which trigger opioid receptors, mildly sedating us and numbing the pain. It slows down the whole process of our brain sending signals to the concerned organ that its hurt. The neurons don’t fire at fast rates; as a result, pain receptors send minimal messages to the brain. The dosage for using kratom for pain relief should never cross two grams as higher doses might cause hallucination, confusion and a risk of the user being completely sedated.

Kratom raises the spirit and elevates mood

Sometimes if you are not careful with the doses of kratom, it might throw you in a state of utter euphoria. Kratom’s leaves, when ingested, in prescribed quantities is known to lighten the mood leave a soothing after effect. Generally consumed in the form of a warm drink or tea, kratom leaves prove to be blissful and create experiences of happiness within the user’s mind. It also helps to be more focused on a particular task and motivates the user to some extent.

Kratom is the perfect substitute for opium

Opium and other hard drugs derived from it, push the user to be entirely dependent on them, so much so that the human body accepts this integration of medications in the bloodstream to be healthy. It makes this all opioid-based drugs very tough to quit, even if the addict is mentally ready to leave, his/her body will react violently to the new scheme of things. Most of the times, the addict’s body goes into shock and is unable to handle the anti-addiction medicines. Kratom works as a substitute for opium where the body is tricked into believing that things are still normal. It begins with a high dose to match the potency of dope, and then the dosage is decreased until the addict can return to a healthy life.

Depression and anxiety

Kratom treats depression and anxiety

In this new world, mental disorders have manifested themselves in all societies, especially in urban areas. These mental disorders or diseases range from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, schizophrenia and dementia. Kratom relieves the mind of stress and allows consumers to focus on other things in their lives. It relaxes the nervous and the muscular system so that stress and tension can be kept away.

Kratom is a remarkable stress buster.

The medicinal qualities of this herb are remarkable in helping with stress and keeping the mind calm. Kratom performs this extraordinary function by providing mild waves of psychoactive enzymes which stimulate a feeling of peace. It releases fine chemicals like serotonin (5 hydroxy mitragynine) which is known as the happy chemical and endorphins, which is a hormone produced by our bodies. Kratom elevates the levels of these chemicals gives the mind a positive environment to breathe in.

Kratom helps with sleep disorders

The fast city life, underlying work pressure, the tension to provide for your family and many other problems might not let you sleep through nights. Hormonal imbalances and mental disorders can also cause it. Kratom soothes the mind allows a user to move in a state of relaxation where he/she will find it comparatively to fall asleep. Kratom also works as a mild sedative which helps the consumer to fall asleep at the time, he wants so that they can correct their sleeping patterns. It increases the amount of serotonin and endorphins so that your body does not remain at a happiness deficit.

Pain Killer

Other effects on the human body.

Kratom is one such herb which has been used for millenniums by the aboriginals of the island countries in south-east Asia. They have used this plant and realised that it carries an uncountable number of benefits like it helps people feel full after a meal so that they can lose weight. It carries anti-oxidants which help in repairing tissue damage and assist in faster recovery. Apart from working as a pain-killer, kratom also works as an anti-inflammatory drug when applied in right concentrations.


Although kratom has been around for a significant period, it has only gained popularity in the era of the internet. With more people travelling to the islands in south-east Asia, the local business of kratom have found clients online. Kratom is produced in Asia, but it is majorly bought in the western countries of America and Europe. The global market of kratom reached 1.6 billion US dollars in 2019. The only issue with it is that there haven’t been advancements in its research and clinical trials on animals or humans have been to a bare minimum.


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