Ten facts about Kratom

Kratom is one such product that has been on everyone’s mind. It is no doubt that it has medicinal properties but many people are worried about a lot of things. How safe it is to use? Is it addictive? Which one to buy? These are simple questions that need to be answered before one goes and buys the deal. However, there is so much information available on the internet that you can easily read about it and decide for yourself. Before placing an order for Kratom, you should know what and why you should buy it?


Kratom comes from Kratom leaves. The tree is found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philipines, Myanmar, as well as Papua New Guinea. However, the varieties of the tree in these places can have a difference. The effects can vary a lot. This is due to the climatic conditions in these countries, but as far as the chemical composition of the tree are concerned, it is the same. Kratom has been part of South Asian society for a long period and only recently it has made its way into other continents.


The Kratom tree is easy to recognize. Though there is a difference between trees grown in various countries, they are tall. Kratom can grow up to 50 ft and its leaves are big. The initial usage of the leaves was when a labourer from the region used to chew on the leaves to go through hard labor. It belongs to the family of Coffee plants and many characteristics can establish that even by a single look by an expert.



For centuries, Kratom leaves were being used by local practitioners and it remained confined to the areas it was grown into. However, the discovery of the tree by European explorers made it popular. It was discovered in the 1840s but received official recognition in 1859. This introduced Kratom to the world. Though it remained restricted to the researchers, later in the 20th century it made quite an improvement as far as research is concerned.


Kratom is known for its medicinal properties. The traditional people have been using it for a long period but this wasn’t discovered as the tree remained confined to the host countries, but as soon as it was discovered, the news traveled like wildfire. Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are two alkaloids that give Kratom its characteristics. However, a strong dose can mean the number of Alkaloids in the body can increase therefore creating sedative effects. If it is kept to a minimum, you shall reap the results.

Opium addiction:

One thing that bothers everyone when taking any substance is whether it is safe or not? Addiction is one thing that worries everybody. Since Kratom comes from the Kratom tree and you get it in its natural form, there is no space for further addition. Kratom is a known substance used to treat people with opium addiction. Controlled doses of Kratom are given to the addicts until they finally come out of addiction. This is the safest way that helps the person not just beat the urge, but also improves his health.


Skin enhancement:

The presence of alkaloids in Kratom makes it a good product for the skin. Daily pollution and an imbalanced diet can make our skin look dull. Pollution is one such factor that can make you age faster. Kratom is beneficial in opening the pores of the skin hence allowing more oxygen to get in the body. This helps the skin to recover from the losses and become stronger. It is also good for the skin as it can help it with pimples, and make it look more lively.


The effects of Kratom are well known. Immunity is one such thing that it works on. The human body can become prone to diseases and infections if the immune system is weak. Given the food we consume and the air we breathe; we have become weak. Kratom increases the oxygen consumption of the body hence making the blood carry more oxygen. It boosts the immune system so that it becomes stronger and can fight the external infection. This is a gradual improvement.

Pain reduction:

Local practitioners in South Asia have been using Kratom as a means to reduce pain. It helps to let the body relax and reduce pain. This pain can be caused by various types of job that you do. Not every day you will have time to go for a massage, but a regular intake of Kratom is good for your health. It removes the strain from your muscles and lets you relax.



Kratom helps the body to recover from injuries. When you are injured, the body’s reaction is swift. The pain is received by the receptors of the brain and White Blood Cells help you recover from it. Kratom helps the body produce more White Blood cells and in case of an injury, they help you with the wound. However, you should get it checked with the doctor also so that the infection is not there.

Mood enhancement, anti-depressant, sexual performance, and anxiety:

People who use Kratom have reported that it has helped them with their social anxiety. They tend to become more talkative and less shy. It is also being used to treat depression. The limited amounts of Kratom can help with depression. Furthermore, it increases the energy levels of the body and makes it more active hence helping with the sexual performance. However, you should bear in mind that other factors affect your sexual ability also. As far as anxiety is concerned, it makes the brain ease up and removes stress from it. This way your body is at ease, not just physically but also mentally.


Kratom is a natural product best known for its medicinal properties, but to be on the safer side, you should always take Kratom in the minimum amount. You can increase your dosage after your body has developed tolerance to it.

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